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Prep Time: 45 mins | Cook Time: 1 hr | Total Time: 1 hr 45 mins | Yield: 8 Servings

This amazing recipe was given to me by my dear friend, Jessica. Oh, man, you are so in for a treat! Try it now and enjoy!



1/2 c Salted Butter

1 1/2 c All-Purpose Flour, sifted

pinch of Salt

pinch of Sugar

1/3 c Cold Water – approx.


2 tablespoons Salted Butter

4 c Diced Yellow Onion (approx. 3 large onions)

2 teaspoons Crushed or Minced Garlic

2 teaspoons Fresh Thyme

Sea Salt & Coarse Black Peppercorn (to taste)

2 tablespoons All-Purpose Flour, sifted

1/2 c Heavy Cream

1 c Fontina Cheese, shredded

1 Large egg, Beaten


Step 1: In a small mixing bowl, grate the butter. Place it inside the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: In another mixing bowl, add flour, sugar, and salt. Whisk until well mixed.

Step 3: Add the cold butter into the bowl with the flour mixture. Whisk until well mixed.

Step 4: Add 1 tablespoon of water gradually and continue whisking.

Step 5: Transfer the ball of dough onto a flat surface sprinkled with flour. Cover it with plastic wrap and gently flatten it out.

Step 6: Place the dough inside the fridge for about 45 minutes.

Step 7: Meanwhile, place a large skillet on the stove and turn the heat to medium-high.

Step 8: Add the garlic, onions, thyme, salt, and pepper. Saute for about 15 minutes or until aromatic and translucent.

Step 9: Turn the heat down to low. Stir in flour until well mixed.

Step 10: Add the heavy cream and stir until the texture becomes thick, then simmer for 3 minutes.

Step 11: Remove the skillet from the flame.

Step 12: Prepare the oven and preheat to 190 degrees C or 375 degrees F.

Step 13: Line with parchment paper a baking sheet, then sprinkle flour.

Step 14: Sprinkle flour on a rolling pin, then roll the dough to about 1/8-inch thickness.

Step 15: Place the flattened dough onto the prepared baking sheet.

Step 16: Sprinkle on top 1/3 of the fontina, then put the onions and the rest of the cheese on top.

Step 17: Fold the dough towards the onions and brush with egg wash the sides.

Step 18: Place it inside the preheated oven and bake for 1 hour or until the cheese has melted completely and the crust turns golden brown.

Step 19: Remove from the oven, Serve and enjoy!