Make The Best Ice Cream Sandwich You’ve Ever Tasted

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QUICK AND EASYMake The Best Ice Cream Sandwich You’ve Ever TastedJune 18, 2017



Ice cream or sorbet, in your favorite flavor(s)
Cookies, or any other bread or pastry, with a firm bottom and soft domed top, for the sandwich “bread”
Toppings: melted chocolate, sprinkles, chopped nuts, freeze-dried berries, etc.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and put it in the freezer.
Set out the ice cream to soften until it reaches an ideal point of semi-firm and “scoopable.” Note that hitting this spot is a little trickier with sorbets, so watch it carefully!
In the meantime, make sure your cookies are room temperature or at least slightly chilled. Warm and fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies are delicious, but not great for building ice cream sandwiches.
Once both the ice cream and the cookies are the ideal temperature, start building! The ideal cookie-to-ice cream ratio is 1:3— one part cookie, three parts ice cream. Keeping that in mind, flip one of the cookies over and scoop a ball of ice cream into the center of the cookie bottom. If the cookies are a little crumbly, you may want to use two for each side of the sandwich.
Form a sandwich by placing the bottom of a second cookie on the scoop of ice cream. Press gently until the ice cream is pushed just outside the borders of the cookies.
Immediately, place the cookie in the freezer on the prepared baking sheet. Repeat until you have your desired number of cookies.
Decorate the exposed ice cream with your chosen toppings. If you are coating the entire sandwich in melted chocolate, wait until the sandwiches have completely hardened before dipping in the cooled, melted chocolate.
The possibilities are truly endless. Just remember the 1:3 ratio, pick cookies with firm bottoms and soft tops, and you’re off to the ice cream sandwich races! What will YOUR ideal ice cream sandwich include?