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Affordable Grocery Store Goes Organic And Bans Toxic Chemicals From Their Products


Affordable Grocery Store Goes Organic And Bans Toxic Chemicals From Their Products


Leading discount supermarket Aldi has announced a ban on all pesticides and toxins from their products.

In a move that will surely shame other leading retailers, German supermarket chain Aldi have announced a groundbreaking change to their stores.

The will put a blanket ban on any pesticides and toxic chemicals in the products on their shelves, while many other leading supermarkets continue to sell such harmful items.

Chemicals they have named in the ban include Thiamethoxam, Chlorpyrifos, Clothianidin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Fipronil, Imidacloprid and Sulfoxaflor.

In a statement, Aldi CEO Jason Hart said

At ALDI, we are dedicated to the well-being of our customers by providing high quality groceries at the lowest possible prices and offering foods shoppers can feel good about serving their families.

Our decision to remove these ingredients from all of our exclusive brand foods delivers on our ongoing commitment to meet the evolving preferences of our customers.

Since more than 90 percent of the products we sell are under our exclusive brands, eliminating these ingredients will have a real impact on the over 30 million people who shop in our stores.”

Aldi have taken the brave step in a market that is increasingly conscious of where our food comes from.

With the mounting evidence that surrounds the negative health impacts of eating a diet that contains many chemicals and pesticides, this will hopefully get the ball rolling for other supermarkets to follow suit, the goal being a world in which no toxic chemicals or pesticides are sold whatsoever.

SupermarketGuru.com editor Phil Lempert writes :

“Today’s shoppers are more involved with food than ever before. They want to know everything about their food and the companies that supply them – especially as it relates to ingredients and the impact on their families.

ALDI is leading the supermarket industry in rightly responding to the science that shows the implications of these ingredients, and meeting the needs of the increasingly savvy consumers who don’t want artificial or potentially harmful ingredients in the products they buy,

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